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Presidential Message

It is my previlege to lead SNPS at a time when the school has entered its 26th year of service. In 1991, the school embarked on its journey to fulfill the aspiration of a community to educate their children imbibing the cultural and traditional heritage that they treasured.

The great Sree Narayana Gurudeva in 18th century dreamed of a society which is culturally responsive. It is evident from the thoughts and golden words of great gurudeva, "vidya kondu prabhudhar aavuka. Sangadana kondu shaktharavuka. Prayatnam kondu sampannar aavuka". Schools today are becoming increasingly diverse and culturally rich. The optimum educational environment is a dynamic place where students who are culturally and linguistically diverse are provided the opportunity to learn and grow.

We SNPS team strictly adhere to his principles and his dreams in building up a responsible nation.

We believe in empowering our teachers to impart quality education to mould every child into self reliant, confident and responsible citizens of the country. We also give utmost importance for personality development and the value of morality and respect for woman hood. Finally our achievements in life will not be complete without the gracefull blessings of the almighty which is always remembered.

I would also like to appreciate all the faculty members who are an integral part of this institution, and the administrators and board members for all their endless service all for one reason - to influence our students lives for good.